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To increase the speed at which a domain is resolved to IP addresses or the speed of other DNS queries for a domain, your domain's DNS settings are temporarily saved on a variety of servers.

Wir sind dazu mit Microsoft im Austausch und arbeiten an einer Lösung.

Identified - Derzeit sind die Websites einiger unserer Kunden nicht erreichbar. Bitte entschuldigen Sie die Ihnen dadurch entstehenden Unannehmlichkeiten.

Scheduled - Um die Sicherheit unserer Dienste zu gewährleisten, führen wir regelmäßig Systemwartungsarbeiten durch.

On Tuesday call centre staff lost access to support tools they need to answer customer queries. — Neil Walker (@naw56) April 17, 2019 Other Twitter users asked whether there would be compensation for customers.

Far more seriously, a major server outage yesterday left customer websites unavailable for the whole day. The firm's website says it runs 90,000 servers in 10 data centres located in Europe and the US and is the "largest hosting company in Europe", hosting 12 million domains around the world.

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