Aaron rodgers and ryan braun dating

Not even the Manti Te'o incident generated this much speculation amongst my friends, acquaintances and drunk revelers.The chatter stems from a loosely connected series of dots strung together by a website (who, I'm proud to say, won't get any ‘clicks' from this story) that tied Aaron Rodgers' former assistant to the NFL MVP's nightstand.Sadly, the statement he gave just made matters worse. For one, Rodgers is now on record as not being gay.If he is in fact gay, it just became virtually impossible for him to ever come out. All that matters right now is that he says he's not. " Never before have I heard a question asked so many times in such a short period of time.

The reason was simple: It was the right thing to do. Guys struggling to make rosters have warranted concerns about rocking the boat in any way, let alone coming out publicly.

However, the two male athletes we know were outed - football players Greg Congdon and Jamie Kuntz - were both removed from their teams and suffered.

Outing is damaging; Convincing someone to come out publicly (which we have done many times) can be powerful.

Plus, the statement was so badly crafted that it has people thinking he's lying, as though two "reallys" is a double-negative. And since we're not going to out an athlete, we'll focus on making sports a safer place for LGBT athletes and convincing as many athletes as we can to come out publicly.

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