Accommodating dyslexia in the workplace

The phrasing and terminology used in your recruitment ads and interview process make a significant difference to who applies and the candidate’s performance in the interview.There are numerous ways businesses can accommodate the needs of people with dyslexia when putting together job advertisements and interview processes – and in turn prevent dyslexia discrimination.It’s also crucial to note that many people with dyslexia develop their own coping strategies during adolescence and continue crafting strategies way into adulthood.However, when under undue stress or when accommodations are lacking, their strategies can fail, leaving your employees feeling vulnerable and disadvantaged.In accordance with the Equality Act 2010, it’s illegal to refuse any reasonable request, such as proofreading software.Managers should also be perceptive to how employees get on with tasks.Most adjustments are very affordable and easy to implement.Simple adjustments are well-worth the investment if they enable employees with dyslexia to work to their full capacity.

Because these challenges are not visually apparent – making dyslexia a ‘hidden’ disability – they’re easy to overlook.Whilst language is an important part of the recruitment process and analysing language can help you hire, it can be a barrier for people with dyslexia.Reading job applications, completing technical tests, filling out applications and maintaining concentration levels can presents difficulty for some.If team members appear to struggle with an element of their job and you suspect it could be linked to dyslexia, you can make reasonable accommodations to help with those challenges, such as assistive software.Be careful not to make assumptions though; always talk to the person about their struggles first and see what they’d like to do.

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