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With age, elasticity of the crystalline lens diminishes, the ability to see close objects decreases, and so-called senile vision, or presbyopia, develops.Histological accommodation, or tissue accommodation, is a change in the forms and relationships of tissue elements (cells) in the process of adaptation to changed conditions. “Refraktsiia i akkomodatsiia glaza.” In Mnogotomnoe rukovodstvo po glaznym bolezniam, vol. An example of histological accommodation is the transformation of the cubical epithelium of the glomerular capsule into long cylindrical cells when the volume of the glomerulus decreases. Paralysis of these muscles may occur with certain infections and intoxications—for example, syphilis, influenza, diabetes, diphtheria, and botulism. For example, a multiplex stereograph can adjust or accommodate for small tilts in the projector, ranging from approximately 10° about the Recognition of Muslims and the State in Britain, France and Germany as an extremely valuable contribution is assured by Fetzer and Soper's attention to the historical, cultural and political context of Muslims in three settlement countries, their use of existing theory, their emphasis on national variations in church/state relations, and their consideration of "mass attitudes" in explaining variations in state How to handle disability issues: charges of disability discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) were filed 15,346 times last year with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).The treatment of spasm or paralysis depends on the cause.

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