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And because he wasn’t shaving, cutting his hair or even trimming his nails, he was pretty much unrecognizable at the time. He was suffering from malnutrition as a result of his out of control obsessive-compulsive disorder.Image Source Born in 1871, Marcel Proust was a French writer best known for his book ).From 1974 until his death in 1982, he wrote his thoughts down into an 8,000-page, one-million-word tome he named .Image Source Celebrity chef Paula Deen has been called the “Queen of Southern Cooking.” This white-haired whizz in the kitchen has headed several Food Network cookery shows, written bestselling cookery books, and launched the lifestyle magazine .Severe agoraphobes, on the other hand, can feel anxious anywhere outside of their comfort zone – and that space may be as small as a house, or even a room.

A successful businessman, filmmaker and aviator, Hughes also suffered from untreated OCD and agoraphobia.After being left parentless in her early twenties, she suffered severe panic attacks and found herself unable to leave the house.The only place Deen could visit was the supermarket, but even then she found it difficult to go too far inside.What’s more, hyper-creative minds do seem especially prone to anxiety disorders such as this.Read on for the 10 most famous people with extreme cases of agoraphobia. Highlighting his influence on the sci-fi genre, Dick’s writing has been described as a kind of precursor to cyberpunk.

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