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Headsets are common accessories used by different classes of people all over the world; the old and the young, men and women, children and adults.One question has consistently popped up now and then and has received its fair share of answers. Yes, some hearing loss issues can be linked to the use of headsets.The sensory organs contain tiny hair cells that relay sound messages to the brain.These cells are damaged by loud noise thereby impeding the sending of sound messages to the brain, which in lay terms is, a hearing loss. As more and more hair cells are damaged, hearing becomes worse.Research has shown that the human ear should not bear more than a hundred (100) decibels of sound for 15 minutes but most users who increase the volume of their headphones or earbuds to highest decibel actually subject the ear to more than a hundred (100) decibels for many hours, this is a dangerous practice and could lead to partial or permanent hearing loss.The ear is a three-part organ that works together to process sound.In testing for headsets, check them for sound isolation; how well does the headset keep music in and block noise from outside?Open-backed headphones will give you the natural sound of whatever you are listening to closed but will allow noise from outside, closed backed headphones will give a bass sound and cause reverberations from sound waves coming from the closed-back.

The difference in price is also a difference in functionality, durability, and quality of sound produced.Earbuds are a perfect fit for persons who are short on space, some brands like ‘Seinheisers’ come with little cases where you can put your buds when it is not in use.The cost price for earbuds is perfect for a limited budget too, this is because there are many brands to pick from and they are relatively cheaper than headphones. It help you recognize more about animal sex (horse or dog). You seen how women using animals for sexual pleasure and girls fucking with horse.

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Headphones have good sound containment but are usually large.

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