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As Darren makes his way through all of his former class mates Alexis and Justine work on their relationship, but you know you really should learn everything you can about the person you are going to date otherwise things can come back and bite you in the ass.Poor Justine finds out just in time for a great show down only to be blamed for everything herself.When one of the girls in the group suggest that they do a shot as a final send off to Darren Justine gets sad and admits to the group that she doesn’t even remember what the poor boy looked like.The DJ from the party however has his own way of sending Darren off and that is by pissing on his grave.When Darren isn’t killing the group who tormented him he is turning the tables on them.He rearranges refrigerator magnets to spell out hurtful messages.

Just as the two of them start to get pretty heated one of Alexis’s friends storms into the room with a chainsaw and a clown mask on to scare them; of course the other friends are filming this to put it on the web.This group of mean kids has also started to receive text messages from Darren, only they don’t assume its Darren.The text messages themselves are simply smiley faces that repeat things over and over again such as “you are a fashion whore”.Tormented is a slasher film, but it is also a very fun movie to watch.The characters are amusing to watch; one particular emo kid is deafened when Darren straps him down to a chair and turns the music up as loud as it can go.

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