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Released on October 2014 for PSP and available on PSVita from last December, Gakuen K-Wonderful School Days- is a game of the alternate universe in the K Project franchise.

Yes, it is an otome game, which means it is aimed for the girls, and yes, it is a dating game that allows you to date the characters in the highly successful K anime.

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Lately, it seems that if one is into watching anime, one would also be expected to at least know about (or perhaps play a bit of) games.

Instead, the heroine is the smart alchemist that solves people’s problems with her alchemy, and still looks absolutely cute doing so.

In Atelier Escha & Logy, which also had an anime adaptation airing back in Spring 2014, you’ll play as Escha, the cute alchemist with big dreams, in a world nearing its end as its people try to rediscover and recreate lost alchemic technologies.

Playing as Escha and watching her mature and grow up, and seeing her struggle to realize her dreams taking front and center of the storyline, is very fun.

Considering the main character is a silent protagonist, it is up to us to decide what his personality would be like.

The dating aspect is, sadly, only available towards the girl characters, and while the silent protagonist’s relationship with each girl is extremely interesting and fun, it leaves the BL-oriented audience unsatisfied.

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