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“When I asked them they were like, ‘no, no, no, this is not over the top.I’m worse,’ which looking at it page after page was a little shocking.”Okonedo said she hopes that viewers will see what she saw when she read the first script.(Pop) stars Anna Paquin as the most valuable employee of the world’s most dastardly P. The company attends to all the standard work of supervising celebrities’ brand images; in a fine throwaway, Paquin’s character, named Robyn, coaches expressions of feelings other than envy and contempt onto the face of a losing nominee at an awards dinner. Sidney Falco Publicity is its lodestar of ethical conduct, the office of Sarah Sanders its only rival in mendacity.(Robyn’s other pharmaceutical issue is her continued intake of birth-control pills, even though her cardboard boyfriend thinks they’re trying to conceive a baby.)The show gets somewhat less uninteresting around the fifth episode, which is set in the business-class cabin of a transatlantic flight and proves an intriguingly creepy role for Bradley Whitford, who plays a movie star whom Robyn chaperones to New York.On the tarmac, the boorish client and the craven press agent stagily share their demons; just before takeoff, the guy comes to believe that he’s been found out as an especially odious sex Anna Paquin never had a nuts and bolts career plan, yet this has served the Oscar-winning actress extremely well.“I’m attracted to good writing and a lot of creative, talented people, and that is really the only common thread linking all of my work,” the 36-year-old Paquin exclusively told “I don’t have an overall plan, per se, for what I want to do at various stages in my life, it’s just a little more freeform than that.”Her stellar acting adventure began when she was chosen from 5,000 candidates to play Holly Hunter’s daughter in a six-episode original limited series, delves into the fast-paced and cut-throat world of celebrity public relations and reflects the brutal reality of modern life where problems can go viral in an instant.

Anna is just so much fun to play with, especially because the characters are so well drawn.

But “Flack” concentrates most on Robyn’s aptitude for crisis management.

Accoutered with two phones, one unpaid intern, and no scruples, Robyn plies her trade with lies, planted stories, blackmail threats, and a kennel’s worth of dog-wagging.

Among the countless crisis situations, Robyn (Anna Paquin) and her capable team are involved in counseling high-profile personalities in entertainment, fashion and sports.

They deal with everything from a client’s infidelity and pulling off a celebrity wedding to a young pop star who orchestrates a sex tape to change her image.

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