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Fox, The gold death mask of Oton, another National Cultural Treasure, was discovered in the 1960s by Alfredo Evangelista and F. It consists of a gold nose-disc and eye-mask, both of which were found in a grave site in San Antonio, Oton, Iloilo.

The gold mask–dated from the late 14th to the early 15th century A.

The pieces would then be placed on a soft surface, after which the craftsman would use a pointed tool to press the intricate design from behind.It features black and brown specks in the paste as well as lotus scroll with pointed leaves on the rim.In its center, you can clearly see a dark-blue flying elephant design made even more dramatic by a background of stormy and foamy waves.If your priority on your travels are not only beautiful beaches but also a bustling nightlife, the Philippines is hard to beat.This country has a lot of variance depending on where you are at, with each area offering something a little different.

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