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Anyone see anything strange in my straight-forward code? ASPX Don't know if this will help, but it shouldn't hurt either. Unwrap the Error catching from around the Label1in your onupdated event. I'll try your idea for the Label, but as far as removing the error handling goes, I know it doesn't make it there by fact that it never hits my breakpoint in that method anymore. Thanks again for the suggestions More stoopid noob tricks. maybe double check that it is hitting the end of the updating event.

For example, lets say we have a Combo Box called Combo Box1 and a List View called List View1, both of which contain a range of items 1 through 20 on their list of items.

The following example source code will help you to better understand how List View works in ASP.

NET 1.1 / Visual Studio 2003 having been out for a good 4 years and already service packed by Microsoft once, its not every day that you come across a bug that really messes things up for a developer.

Also, suppose you have the "Multi Select" property of the List View set to "False".

Now lets say we want to select the same item on the combo box, everytime an item is selected in the List View.

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