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We moved here from Mass and my special pleasures took a serious dive-bomb.

Although I have 2 married men that spend time with me it isn’t as frequent or as long as I’d like… Read more As I drove to work at the dress shop it all of a sudden hit me that I hadn't thought about the fact I had just cheated on my husband.

I wondered why I felt no remorse for what I had done and just the thought of doing it again with Roger had my panties getting damp. Maybe I needed to have a thicker cock to make me orgasm better, but then maybe, it was due to being what you may as well call nude in front of Roger with his hand touching places only Jerry had touched before, that got me so fucking hot.

Are you looking for full time D/s or P/t: 24/7 when husband is away from home (usually 2-3 wks at a time) Are you a SUB or SLAVE: I am a sub but would easily become a mans slave Do you Smoke: I do not Do you Smoke POT: How Much: I don’t d**g User: How Much: I do not Do you Drink: How Much: I do not Your Name your Phone # Clare Ransome and only real contacts that would visit or I can go to get my phone Your Location Your Interest in Serving Below Abingdon VA (nea… Read more I am married and my husband works away from home for weeks at a time.

When he does come home it’s usually for one or two weeks.

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