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Queen V has also opened for Billy Idol, Metallica, and Bon Jovi.In June of 2013, Queen V did a music video for her song “Cry Your Eyes Out”, and Bill Cowher is in the video playing her bodyguard and wearing guy liner, which somehow makes Cowher look even scarier than he did prowling the sidelines during NFL games.While Bill Cowher went on to play in the NFL for four seasons, Kaye Young and her twin sister Faye played in the WPBL (Women’s Pro Basketball League) for three seasons.Kaye and Faye starred in a TV commercial for Wrigley’s Doublemint gum during their pro careers.She did tour with Twisted Sister in 2003, but you can start to get an idea of what the music is like from the information I’m giving you here– it’s very late 80’s hair metal. Anyway, Bill Cowher’s girlfriend Queen V managed to rope him into appearing in a music video wearing eyeliner.

The couple met when they were both students at North Carolina State, and both were athletes.So we’re happy to see him out and about with his new rocker girlfriend.You may remember Queen V from a photo featuring Hines Ward, Ward’s girlfriend Lyndsey Georgalas, and Bill Cowher.The following is a slideshow of hot photos of rock musician Queen V, her real name is Veronica Stigeler, who is the girlfriend of former NFL head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers Bill Cowher in 2014.Cowher currently works as a studio analyst for “The NFL Today” on CBS.

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