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Clicking the Save icon, I can trap that click event and run a save routine and validation works just fine.Since there seems to be no way to enforce validation rules (on the recordset) during this situation, I need to disable the add button after it is clicked once or somehow prevent the button from being active if the current record has not been saved or validated. Perhaps a try-catch block that does nothing in the catch block is the way to go (since the Error Provider handles informing the user of the input error).

Column, "") End If End If The problem is, the validation is not actually done until the . So End Edit throws a runtime error say if you have Null for a column that does not allow Nulls. Also, the validation will only work when you changed the field's value. Please feel free to post here if anything is unclear. Validate can be overriden for form validation (not validation on the dataset columns).================================================== This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. 2) Just because the error provider error is set (using seterror()), it still does not stop the database update from happening. If using the Error Provider control during the control's (text box for example) validating event rather than in the dataset, it works whether the user enters anything or not, it validates when the control loses focus whereas the dataset column_changing validating event only occurs if the field has changed.

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