Books of the bible to study for dating couples

So we have instituted a policy that will prevent most spam. If you look at my old Bible (my wife, Lisa, had it re-covered many years ago for one of my birthdays), you’ll see the table of contents has dates written next to various Bible books.Students are encouraged to write their own marriage story.Every story has several chapters, some better than others, some great and some not so great.It is a great starting point for couples as they pursue deeper communication and understanding with each other. If your church needs a fresh move of the Spirit of God or has gone through a painful and wounding season, click here.Through videos, discussion with other couples, and Bible study, this resource will help men and women become rooted and grounded together in Christ and committed to each other. Today he is the owner and managing editor of 3 successful Christian websites that support missionaries around the world.It will enrich your relationship with Jesus as you learn and see more of this representation of His great love for us. You can read one chapter and one devotional per day, or you can design your reading, thinking and praying session as a regular part of your schedule.

People who are surrendered to the Lord are also more willing to surrender to others, understanding that serving their spouse is really an act of worship to God.” Many marriage books and articles talk about the importance of communication, keeping our sexual intimacy alive and fresh, playing and laughing together, and other issues, but Bible reading rivals all of these in importance.His Holy Spirit has a way of lining up life so that we read just the right passage at the right time.If you’re planning a date or a long drive together and you’re wondering consider reading the Bible as one of the best conversation starters. Lisa and I trade off — eight to 12 verses, depending on the section length.Consider it “listening to God together,” because Bible reading is absolutely the best way for us as individuals and couples to listen to God.Whatever the Bible says, God says, and it’s amazing how timely God’s Word can seem, even when we read it on a schedule.

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Marriage represents the close union of Jesus Christ (the Bridegroom) with the church (His bride).

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