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RATING: FRAO, Launguage, sex FANDOM: None SUMMARY: Total Smut, if you aren't into that sort of thing, don't bother CONTENT WARNING: gay sex FEEDBACK: Please, but please don't flame honest, but be kind Pairings/Characters: What ever you imagination can supply Rating: FRAO Warnings: Not Beta'ed Notes: Please send feedback and comments Summary: A love poem inspired by a challenge from PEJAThis is a stand alone poem.Dear Diary - Thought Of The Day [1] For those who would like to make daily entries about anything and everything.Sort of a 'thought of the day' where folks can just weave the words on their mind.1. Folklore And Fairy Tales [0] Consists of legends, music, oral history, proverbs, jokes, popular beliefs, fairy tales, stories, tall tales, and customs included in the traditions of a culture, subculture, or group.Unless they are final posted (the end), Round Robins can be added to by anyone, so if something clicks a new couple lines for you, add 'em at will Adopt A Fic [8] Authors stuck on a story that you would like someone else to complete for you.Submit them here and let us find a good home (writer) for them. Archive: Cko S, Gundam Wing Addiction (any other automatic ML ones if they want it) All others ask please.

It makes my muse happy to share Spoiler : None Beta : None Feedback is good I like feedback Pairing : none Rating : none Author Note's : Any and all drabbles and poems I send out would make me and my muse happy if anyone would like to add to it or make a story of it or just make a WP. A/N : This is for all you girls out there ( hey I like to share my pain ) Feedback: Is good I like feedback and it makes my muse dance and chase plot bunny's Fandom: Of The Blood - vampire clan - original Rating: FRAO Warning: m/m, language, vampires, incest Disclaimer: MINE! Summary: Marcian is mesmerized by Michael's dancing Submitted through the PWP_Fanfic mailing list.

Opinions expressed by the author are their own and may not reflect the opinions of site management or other visitors. Reality TV [2] Television programming the presents purportedly unscripted melodramatic or "humorous" situations, documents actual events, and usually features ordinary people instead of professional actors, sometimes in a contest or other situation where a prize is awarded Round Robin [10] To make it simple for folks who like to play in the RR arena.

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author's note: written for my skripka, for her birthday. Feedback: makes me go 'squee' deep inside my heart Submitted through the Makebelieve_YG mailing list.

Pairing: You choose Rating: none you want it take it just let me know so I can come see it some time Side note: Had some really great story's come from this one, anyone else want to give it a try?

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Fandom: original, Lyo fantasy realm Pairing: Morgan/Justin Category: slash Rating: FRM Disclaimers: original by me, owned by me.

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