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Chatango is not a conventional live chat, but more a chat room you can install on your website so your website visitors can connect and create a community. You sign up and you’re guided through a quick onboarding where you can customize your profile amongst other things.

You have to choose a name, enter your age and gender (you don’t have to do that but if you don’t, you might not be able to chat with some visitors).

Unfortunately, I was not able to paste the code on Blogspot’s blog (as per some XML error), so I pasted it on Squarespace.

There are a couple of Chatango pros that make this application attractive. Another pro is that it works on desktop, tablet and mobile.

-The staff on the site don't take any action towards the aforementioned types of users above.People get shadowbanned (Called PMR, or Private Message Restricted) randomly due to the auto-moderation. This prevents your IP address from messaging any other users unless you are on their friends list, pretty much defeating the purpose of a chat site. I have so many friends that have had accounts banned over a typo, or a silly comment that a moderator doesn't like.They give no warnings, and half the chat participants are moderators. You're just their to wield your power by deleting messages and banning accounts!-You may also come across the occasional person who reacts with hostility after you reject their advances. But, then this review would go on for far too long. So I was watching anime one day, and stumbled upon this website just from watching cartoons.This might not happen to everyone's experience on the site, but if you're on the fence of potentially joining the site... Chatango is embedded on the sidebar of websites that contain cartoons for both children and adults. In fact, it hasn't been moderated for over a decade.

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