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I do have a 64bit capable AMD Sempron, but is this intended for my older processor? I suggest that you do install it, as you can always go back into the Driver Manager and un-install it if you wish.It is a CPU firmware update that comes directly from AMD. It could only be useful when you currently have problems with the (older? If your AMD CPU is working fine now, there is no benefit (and some risk) in installing the amd64-microcode package.I don't see any obvious error messages, so I assume this is as good as it gets?I'm not wowed with the performance even though I'm running xfce which I thought was lighter weight.Just a blind statement of go ahead and install away.

When that's not the case, I advise not to install it. I understand what you're saying, but if it is the CPU, then how could I be able to use the computer at all if the CPU device is not working?

The computer actually came with 32bit Windows XP at the time, or I could have chosen Vista. hi mr reed...i dont see 32 bit as being a problem at all..will only have to remember that when installing a fast browser that im going to recommend to you that is outside the repository, that you always click on the 32 bit option so that it will work with the 32 bit operating system...i will be looking for your post for the other things we need to do to improve the performance of your system under "OTHER TOPICS" since we are pretty much done with this thread on microcode...

We keep getting these errors on both of our R710 server running the X5650 Intel processor.

...thats because the semperon processors were only manufactured from 2004 to 2009 which if i guess correctly, the most recent one WILL in all probability bork your system since to the best of my knowledge, that most recent one is only for quad core processors made after 2012 and NOT designed to be compatible with on older processor such as yours..semperon was offered in lower cost computers with more modest capabilities and should run in linux mint very well...i hope this will be of some help to you in your newfound adventures with linux which in my personal opinion is probably the finest operating system for most average users available to date... My computer appeared to work without it just fine, and now that it is installed, I DO NOT see or notice a difference whatsoever.

I have very little experience with LM, and would like to have someone help me verify if my system is working as it should.

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