Child updatepanel not updating

I am trying to trying to setup an updatepanel to update every X seconds, the problem is I don't want the control to actually refresh unless there is new data.So I currently have a child updatepanel in a parent Update Panel, the child updatepanel gets refreshed by a timer.

This is my update panel refreshed by the image button Master Page multiple content page ajax update panel question I am working on a web site, using quite a bit of the ajax tookit items that is working nicely.Then you don't need to call "update()" yourself in the codebehind.I think this is how it works normally, out-of-the-box.Sample Code: Protected Sub Timer1_Tick(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. This means to me that although the entire page appears to flicker, i am still only updating the Update Panel_div (that's good!

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The event handler fires correctly, but the text is not updated.

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