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Dating and living with superstars is a very hard thing to do. When I met Justin inside,we went up to the front,did the Sign of the Cross, and sat down in the fifth pew.

Caitlin Beadles (2008-2009) Jasmine Villegas (2010-2010) Selena Gomez (2010-2013 , 2018-2018) Chantel Jeffries (2014-2014) Jayde Pierce (2015-2016) Sofia Richie (2016-2016) Hailey Baldwin (2018-present) (married)One Time (2009) One Less Lonely Girl (2009) Baby (2010) Eenie Meenie (2010) Somebody To Love (2010) U Smile (2010) Never Say Never (2010) Pray (2010) Mistletoe (2011) Boyfriend (2012) Turn To You (2012) As Long As You Love Me (2012) Beauty And A Beat (2012) All Around The World (2013) Heartbreaker (2013) All That Matters (2013) Hold Tight (2013) Wait For A Minute (2013) Recovery (2013) Bad Day (2013) All Bad (2013) PYD (2013) Roller Coaster (2013) Change Me (2013) Confident (2013) Where Are Ü Now (2015) What Do You Mean (2015) Sorry (2015) Love Yourself (2015) Company (2016) Despacito (2017) Friends (2017)True Jackson, VP (2009, Himself) Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps (2009–2010, A.To celebrate — or mourn — his upcoming marital status, let’s look back below on the girlfriends and song inspirations that got us here. After hitting the church and club scene in NYC, the pair got hitched in the Bahamas in July. We got suspicious when Caitlin Tweeted on June 6: “Bahamas here I come! ” She tweeted again on June 16: “What happens in the Bahamas stays in the Bahamas! Although they broke up, he flew to see her after she was involved in a serious boating accident in August 2009.

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