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Got TKO'd by 'Quinton Rampage Jackson' in Pride FC 2003.When they re-matched at UFC 71 for Liddell's Light-Heavyweight championship, Jackson was able to defeat Liddell a second time, this time by knockout in just under two minutes of the first round.Liddell became the first and only man to ever knock Randy Couture out, successfully winning the Light-Heavyweight championship in just two minutes of the first round.The rubber match occurred the next year at UFC 57 where Liddell knocked out Randy Couture again, this time in the second round. The two were supposed to fight at UFC 43, but Tito refused to fight Chuck, so Randy Couture stepped in and beat Chuck for the Interim Light-Heavyweight championship.Also, it is worth mentioning that his name was finally included in the Ultimate Fighting Championship Hall of Fame.Speaking about his personal life, Chuck Liddell was raised by his grandfather and his mother.His grandfather started teaching Chuck boxing techniques and the basics of martial arts.

He grew up in the close guidance of his maternal grandparents and his grandfather taught him boxing techniques in his early age.Then he took training in Brazilian jiu-jitsu under the coach of Jon Lewis in Las Vegas.The fighter made his professional career debut in 1998 at UFC 17: Redemption match in Mobile, Alabama.Then later, after getting to know the world of fighting from the inside, Chuck eventually started attending professional karate classes at the age of twelve, and that is the main reason why he now has a tattoo that says “Koei Kan” on his head. He scored a very convincing Unanimous Decision as he controlled the fight in every aspect.War Pigs, The Death and Life of Bobby Z, How High, Riot, Bachelor Party Vegas, UFC 115, UFC 97, The Ballad of G. Pele is seen trying to jump out the ring as well on several occasions.

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