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The Client Profile Updating Utility (CPUU; legacy name: EMWProf) allows you to update these profiles automatically and transparently.The utility is used to update end-user Microsoft Outlook profiles settings, migrate additional features of user mailboxes and finally switch the profiles from the source to the target Exchange server once the user's mailbox is migrated and switched either manually or by the Migration Manager's Mail Agent.CPUU can process either all offline profiles or only the profiles for the remote users whose mailboxes were added to Remote Users Collections.For information about Remote Users Collections, refer to the Migration Manager for Exchange documentation. Client Profile Updating Utility Administrator Guide Updated - December 2016 Version Contents Overview 1 Terminology 1 Configuring and Running the Client Profile Updating Utility 1 Supported Configurations 2 Working with On Demand Migration for 3 What the Utility Updates 4 Modes 8 Update 8 Rollback 8 Cleanup 9 Usage 10 Typical Scenario 10 Using CPUU for Outlook Updating Microsoft Outlook Offline Profiles 14 Setting RPC over HTTP Access 16 Updating Resource Mailboxes 17 System Requirements 17 Using the Utility 18 Switch Res Parameters 18 Switch Res Example 23 Recommended Values for the Parameters 24 Switch Res MB Exit Codes 25 Troubleshooting 26 Dealing with Slow Connection while Updating Profiles 26 Rolling Back Changes 28 Technical Reference 29 CPUU Parameters 29 Management Parameters 29 Configuration Parameters 31 Notification Format 35 Critical Functionalities 36 CPUU Return Codes 37 Client Profile Updating Exit Codes 38 About Dell 40 3 Overview During migration, Dell Migration Manager for Exchange moves mailboxes from the source Microsoft Exchange server to the target Microsoft Exchange server.

NOTE: If the target is Microsoft Office 365, you have to provide all users with their Office 365 passwords before CPUU switches Outlook profiles.

Mail Clients Microsoft Outlook 2007 Microsoft Outlook 2010 Microsoft Outlook 2013 Microsoft Outlook 2016 (only in migrations with ODME or Migration Manager for Exchange 8.13) IMPORTANT: CPUU does not support Outlook installed using application virtualization systems such as Microsoft App-V.

TIP: CPUU can switch profiles that contain multiple Exchange accounts - only the primary Exchange accounts are always switched.

Otherwise, the user cannot log on to his/her mailbox and get an access to his/her s after the switch.

Overview 1 On a workstation, CPUU processes all the Microsoft Outlook user profiles that you selected to be processed when you set up your configuration files.

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