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" But I pretty much forgot about the show until 'Knockdown' was advertised.After that, I watched all of the first two seasons within a couple weeks or so, courtesy of Neflix.I'm hoping to post at least one chapter a week, but no promises.Don't forget to check out the multi-chapter fic I'm writing with Celeste J.Packer, Molly Landon Photo, Red Mango, Prime Student, 13 Worst Marriage Proposal Fails Ever Recorded on Video! I had a fun idea last week: ask some fellow bloggers for their favorite YA or romance books and I would pick some songs to go with those books.I don't want to show my body on Webcam, or for photos via Whats App or Skype.

I was just learning how to print letters and the first story I ever wrote was one that I told to my mom. (Who knows, it may come back in some form someday)Sadly, after graduating from high school, I didn't write much at all for years. The show "Castle" and this fan site have truly helped me rediscover my passion for writing.

The type of stories I write can be on the 'unique' side of the spectrum, ranging from mind reading to aliens to a complete crack story that I am having a ton of fun with. I don't even attempt to write cases into the stories, and I stay away from anything dark.

I will not write death fics Some favorite Castle quotes:"If you get killed-" City Lawyer "My lifeless remains cannot sue the city." Castle"You thought you sounded so smart when you started that sentence, didn't you? Either there's a dead body or you just want to hear my sultry voice...

In case you haven't guessed yet, I am a Caskett shipper.

It took me a little while to get into it (I don't normally watch 'cop' shows) but by the time I watched 'Knockdown' for the first time, I was hooked.

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