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Before a mission gets built, before it gets proposed, someone has to think of, "Well, how do we actually get to Jupiter? Cara Santa Maria: Rashied was busy doing cost-benefit analyses of interplanetary exploration. Rashied Amini: I had met someone off of Ok Cupid and the first date was amazing.What happened over the next two years, at the time, I thought was this perfect relationship, and mutually so.Cara Santa Maria: A few years ago, Rashied Amini was a single guy in his twenties living in LA.

” that explores how different aspects of your identity, lifestyle, and job will impact your dating outcomes.

It was around that time she came out and said that she wanted to break up with me and she didn't really know why. You just have to sit down and sketch out your system and list all the different parameters available.

Cara Santa Maria: In his spare time, he applied this way of doing things to other areas of his life.

Rashied Amini: I was sort of stumbling into depression.

Cara Santa Maria: And how that desperate effort might help thousands of people.

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He’s created a “Love Life Prediction Algorithm” — comparing your ‘bird in the hand’ with every bird that is still out there.

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