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I applied for a personal loan for the same amount, hoping I could get a lower interest rate.I was denied the loan and offered one for 5.000 for 10.5% question is how the heck do they expect you to consolidate when they won’t approve you for things?The loan monthly payment would have been less then what I pay separately on the 3 cards now yet do they think I can’t pay it even though I have never missed a payment of anything in my life? I’m trying to get out of debt and the banks that could help me do it say no because my debt ratio is too high.... A lot of people who consolidate the credit card debt into a personal loan will recharge their credit cards.Justine enjoys writing and speaking about all things personal finance.This Midwest millennial paid off k in student loan debt and now resides in San Diego with her husband living the DINK life (Dual Income, No Kids).Next, it is a good idea to put almost all of your purchases on one card.The more of your living expenses that goes onto one card, the more points you can earn.

Consolidating multiple credit card debts is a handy solution to use.The one thing that deters people from building up credit card rewards quickly is that they have too many credit cards.Those that have multiple cards with multiple banks can find it difficult to create a hefty points balance.You may have signed up for a credit card that offers double points on specific purchases.Maybe you use a credit card for your normal expenses so you can rack up enough points to take a free trip.

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