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We have both come from long term marriages that were not happy.

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Hunters can venture out to the Big Bend region to hunt elk and mule deer, which roam free on the over three hundred thousand acres ranch.

While much of the Hughes ranch is kept for personal use, the family also sells cattle and hunting leases.

The combined square footage of the 10 biggest Texas ranches reaches over four million acres or nearly 7,000 square miles.

Check out the list to see who made the cut, and how many you're familiar with.

The ranches produce oil and welcome guests to stay on the lands' main ranch house.

With its over nine hundred thousand acres, the King ranch spans across much of South Texas from Corpus Christi to Brownsville.The Hughes fortune was made in oil and gas by Dan Allen Hughes Senior.His son, Dan Allen Hughes Junior, has served the state of Texas as a commissioner and later a chairman of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission.95% of land in Texas is privately owned, and it's on some of the largest plots of privately owned land that cattle is still a source of income for many, many people.Though most native Texans have at least visited small, subsistence ranches at some point in their lives, we're not talking about your grandfather's 40 acres here.

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