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Now that you are all consenting adults looking to play, the only question is... slays audiences with burlesque extravaganzas featuring seasoned professional dancers.

Mixing masked Mexican wrestling, comedy, strip and “comic book violence,” we’re pretty sure Robert Rodriguez would approve of this place.

Threshold, a non-profit organization, is a BDSM club that educates those curious about alternative sexual activities.If fetish is what you fancy, as in vampires, BDSM (bondage, domination and submission, sadism and masochism), fantasy role play, horror and more, here are a few places in LA to tap (or slap) into the scene: is an online social network where those with kinky leanings go to connect with their local community that have similar interests.Although the site isn’t slick, there’s a pretty good chance that whatever you’re into, there’s a group on Fetlife for it. Perish Dignam, fetish model and one of the city’s most famous party promoters, hosts sexy-themed (like ‘Pink n’ Wet’ or ‘Pirates & Ninjas’) underground events via his company, Swoon Entertainment. A Hollywood institution, the Saturdays-only nightclub is welcome to all but it’s especially a denizen dedicated to goth and horror lifestyle.It is a group where people with one foot out of the closet can seek out like-minded people and play out their curiosities.also offers classes catered to people wanting to intensify or educate themselves on the pleasure of sex and sensuality.

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