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In other words, I prefer to date men who have close female friends.

See, when a man has close female friends as well as close male friends, it means a few things.

I know many men feel the same about their girlfriends or wives having close male friends.

It’s a fairly typical attitude found in heterosexual couples. No one wants to have the worry that their significant other is going to cheat on them.

"Chances are when he needs advice he goes to her," Steinberg says.

"Men are in many ways very clueless, so if he has a woman who is smart and on your team, that's great." Introduce yourself to her, and let her know you'd love to go out for brunch or coffee together sometime.

For example, "You never bring me around her, why is that?

But how do you deal with her, and more importantly, know for sure that they aren't into each other or that she's out to sabaotage your relationship?

“Would you be OK with your man having close female friends?

”A Facebook friend asked this question the other day, and a lot of women said no, they wouldn’t be comfortable with this.

I know some people would say “my husband’s my best friend, so I don’t need anyone else! I don’t know how these people function, but even though my fiancé is of course my best friend I still need my non-romantic, close friendships with people who are not family in my life.

Finally, it means he has women in his life who he values for their friendship alone, rather than for the amount of sex he can get out of them.

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