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The ocean's breathtaking beauty comes at a price and for some this might be an extreme comparison but I perceive the ocean as a fine line between life and death.

Living close to the ocean is something I enjoy nonetheless. It has a meditative, calming and soothing effect on me.

Being connected to nature is my peace of mind, my sanctuary, something that is important to me, recharges me and something I wouldn't trade for any money in the world.

To me, watching the sun set over the horizon of the Pacific is a magical experience that never gets old.

Swimming fast and efficient at the same time were foreign to me.

I am out of breath fairly quickly when I'm in the water, mainly because I don't know how to preserve energy while swimming, not breathing correctly. My sailor, on the other hand, is an incredible swimmer and taught me how to swim freestyle, the fastest and most efficient way to move from A to B.

I saw it as a "Members Only" society with people wearing white polo shirts, navy blue blazers and trousers with a fold line, white socks and shiny white shoes. He is the complete opposite of what I thought a stereotypical sailor would embody.

A society I would feel everything else but comfortable in. He is humble and genuine, he appreciates good companionship, sees beauty and potential in things other people would give up on and appreciates the simple and functional.

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The older I got the more and more I became frightened of the open water.

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