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Our Maidstone dating site is a locally dedicated online site that offers singles that live in Maidstone and are trying to find a new relationship the oppurtunity to meet new singles.

We offers some of the top match making services for those who are looking to find the ideal match, or help and recommendation for a dating experience that works.

‘I have spent a number of years as a criminal intelligence analyst and I have had police training.

He joined Flame Introductions and six months later found himself in a loving relationship with Maddy, with whom he is planning to live with. Sean had been in a longterm relationship which ended, and after two years living the single life he signed up to our matchmaking service.

Date Maidstone Singles lets you look for singles online in the same towns as you, so if you live in Thurnham, you can find another single folk close to you and not living in Thurnham.

Online dating is all about making life simple for you. But you want to endure an interview and to provide references.

There is a small decorative double flower in the middle of the front. Help me make sure this item is recorded correctly in the catalogue.

The database described it as a possible ‘Tudor rose’ or a ‘symbol of the War of the Roses’.

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