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Your eyes, the way your hair was a mess, or maybe the Italian hoagie was on point. Some people like heavy involvement from outside forces, while others think it’s a red flag. Maybe the activity they do alone is something you can take part in. Trust me, if you can’t laugh at your S/O you can’t laugh at anyone.From meditation to meal prep, you can always find ways to grow together. Here are 18 great, funny conversation starters: Maybe you want an i Phone chip in your head, or maybe you want a personal robot, all are awesome and all can be possible at the rate we are going.All too often have couples deferred issues and it ultimately becomes their downfall. So many people work at different intensities for different reasons.It can be as simple as, “I want to earn more” to “I want to be a homeowner before 30.”People can have the silliest reasons for being self-conscious about their imperfections while others may have deep emotions behind them.See how direct or indirect your S/O goes to show appreciation.

Some people don’t like to make a scene, while others insist on it.

Values are essential to relationships, and some of these may make or break yours. From Snoop Dogg to Betty White, there are celebrities that people love for so many reasons. You may be kissing her on the cheek and not realize that what she really needs is a strong hug to make her feel loved. Roses are too generic, find out what she gets the most from so that you can be her knight in shining armor when she needs it most.

We’ve all been there, someone says the wrong thing at the wrong time and makes things 1000% times worse.

And that help may come in helping them achieve a goal, a milestone, or challenge.

Ask them if there is something small or big that is missing, and maybe you can be just the one to help. So many people find things that are flat out wrong.

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You never know, you may have been shelling out tons of cash for fancy wine when the way to her heart is a pint of Cherry Garcia.

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