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Brazil is a fascinating country, especially in terms of its rich culture, history and heritage.

The following customs and features are part of its diverse culture: • The communication style of Brazilian locals is usually relaxed and fairly informal.

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Brazil was hence drawn into more than fifty years of populist and military government until 1985.

The only exceptions are some members of Amerindian groups and pockets of immigrants (primarily from Japan and South Korea), who have not yet learned Portuguese.

There difference between the Portuguese spoken in Brazil and that spoken in Portugal comparable to the differences in English spoken in the United States and that spoken in the United Kingdom.

There isn't a universally agreed-upon definition of 'Western country', though according to most of them, Brazil is a Western country.

It isn't as prototypical of 'the West' as, say, the United States, and its culture has some differences from the stereotypical Western culture, which is probably why the article contrasted Brazil's culture with 'Western' culture.

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The only exceptions are some members of Amerindian groups and pockets of immigrants, primarily from Japan and South Korea, who have not yet learned Portuguese.

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