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Teeth problems manifest gradually, so you won't be able to feel any effect until it's too late.Measures taken to solve those issues later on might be very costly.Why don't you check yours to see if you're suffering from it as well?

I can't possibly hide that side of my teeth away from the camera since my line of work requires me to be versatile :(I knew it had to fix my teeth!

So why not pay regular visits to prevent them from happening instead?

:)Alike most of my peers, I haven't gone for a dental check up since primary school. I gave my teeth that much amount of time to shift into an undesirable shape, and have been brushing my teeth the wrong way, so much so that I now have a receding gum line.

I've always acknowledge the importance of a great smile, I think that the quality of one's teeth reflects on their personality and habits.

It always feels nice to look at someone with a perfect smile right?

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For example, check out Miley Cyrus's teeth before and after she had some help straightening them.

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