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“We heard the rumors all the way in Chicago about the challenging dating scene over in SF,” says Press.Here’s to hoping for more meaningful matches in the city by the Bay than what’s offered in some shallow app.Author of “Love in the Time of Algorithms,” Dan Slater is the product of one of the first computational matchmaking services, Contact, Inc.The now defunct service debuted in 1965 with a computer algorithm that paired couples in the Boston area together for dates.Co-founders Sarah Press and Jason Skicewicz came up with the idea while in Techstars Chicago this past year.The two beta tested the concept with over 2000 people in the Windy City with what seems to be some good success.They had to change a lot of how they paired people up and change the algorithm a bit to get the right people together.Each matchup costs and comes with a 100% “Awesomeness Guarantee.” That basically means if you had a bad experience, you get your money back.

“Those were much more important questions for us to ask,” Press says. Project Fixup first takes you through the typical process of uploading pictures and putting in your dating preferences. This new “digital matchmaker” site aims to use online dating technology to hook people up with their potential mates, but use real humans as the matchmakers.It’s not just humans doing the matchmaking with Project Fixup, either. And, according to Press, that part was a bit of a surprise.“We basically copied what every other dating site was doing, asking people what movies they like, etc.

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Press clocked Project Fixup beta users at getting a date in less than 12 minutes.

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