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In North Carolina, a legal separation occurs on the day that a couple separates from one another, meaning that they move into a separate residence with the intent to remain separate and apart from one another permanently.In order to qualify for a divorce in North Carolina, a legal separation for at least one year is necessary.A separation agreement can help them to accomplish this.However, a separation agreement is an important legal document and when you sign it you are giving up some potentially valuable legal rights.There are several common mistakes that people make about legal separation in NC.

Click below to submit your information for a case review.Sometimes the date of separation can have a huge impact on other aspects of your case, such as the valuation of property for purposes of equitable distribution, or the amount or duration of alimony.If you are in a situation where the date of separation might be contested, you should talk to a divorce lawyer to discuss how best to proceed and map out a legal strategy to put you in the best possible situation for your case.So if your spouse ever got really mad at you and wanted to make your life hell, they could re-litigate your entire case all over again at anytime in the future.Do you really want to live with that your entire life?

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