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The marks were often stamped irregularly into ceramics or metalware and printed on top of the glaze.

Other factors such as the colour of the mark, how it’s applied or the numbered codes within the design can often date a piece to the exact year it was produced and tell you where or who the specific artist was.Illustrated below are the two forms of Design Registration Mark or Kite Mark used between the years – 1842 to 1883.The left hand image demonstrates a design registration mark for 12th November 1852 (K for November and D for 1852).One has to know a little about the methods of filing and storing documents at the registration office during that time to understand the true meaning of this code: all registrations of one day were filed in one 'package' or 'bundle', meaning that they were wrapped and stored together while the contents (each registration and registrar from the package) was written down in the filing ledger.In some (rare) cases all registrations from a certain day were filed by one specific manufacturer only, this however does not mean that a certain number code keys to the name of a certain registrar.

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While the majority of registered designs were indeed taken out by English manufacturers, some were registered by foreign companies or their agents.

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