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But Costa Rica girls are known to shock even the most well-traveled pleasure seekers.

After all, the small tropical nation provides the ultimate combination: Since my first eye opening journey, I’ve made visits to Costa Rica an annual event, knowing full well that I can do better there than anywhere else in the world.

But when I experienced it for myself in 2002, I was hooked…couldn’t wait to return!

Before this Costa Rica trip I’d visited my share of brothels and eros centres in Europe and Asia, and thought I’d seen everything.

The other thing my friends all repeat is that I should open a tour business for men visiting Costa Rica.

Not that the idea isn’t appealing on a certain level….

I think I could handle such a work week without much stress!

When my neighbor first returned from Costa Rica with stories of his Costa Rica brothel adventures, I didn’t believe him – I shrugged it off as exaggeration.

In later visits though, I learned what was truly possible to find in this tiny nation!

After meeting a couple local insiders and venturing out with them, I was guided into a whole other level of sex services.

I’m not ashamed to tell you that the first time I visited I fell into a very touristy brothel.

As a newcomer, every time you see one of the Costa Rica brothels you won’t know if it’s a tourist trap or a gold mine.

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