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I could write a whole separate post on that dynamic alone, but the point remains: friends are VERY important to Italians – and when you are dating one, your “dates” are more often than not large group outings with the gruppetto. App culture is not necessarily New York specific, but it does tend to thrive more in urban environments – and is definitely not as ubiquitous or accepted in Italy, where apps either (a) still have the associated “stigma” of online dating, or (b) are used primarily for casual hookups.I should clarify that my generalities relating to the of my dating experiences in now way should be seen as a reflection of my boyfriend and our dating experience…if it was, we probably wouldn’t be together! but unfortunately, so many people are dating SO MANY PEOPLE – at the same time – that they can’t (or won’t) really afford to put in the effort to make a really awesome first date. Okay but seriously…dating is freaking EXPENSIVE in New York!I know that’s a super idealized, probably fictitious reality, and I certainly don’t want to spend my life as Judy Cleaver, but it does sound a little less complicated.If you’ve ever lived/dated in a different culture, I would LOVE to hear some of your thoughts and experiences. If you’ve lived in or dated an Italian, do you agree or disagree with my assertions?) text messages, douchey finance bros only looking for one thing…a couple of nice guys I just never hit it off with, and a few weirdos who still make me cringe.But as a sort of late-bloomer myself, I didn’t really date until later in life – and I didn’t have my first kiss until I was 22 (!!! That fact used to embarrass me, but not so much anymore.

As such, it’s incredibly difficult to break into Italian social circles when everyone in the circle has been friends for, quite literally, their entire life. Constant swiping means that no one really puts much thought or effort into one person or one date – if a person doesn’t like one thing about somebody, swipe left, no second date – you’re wrapped up and tossed into a basket of deplorables in favor of the next closest option.

”I answered, my eyes frantically darting around for a dropped wallet or passport. You never hear this kind of stuff in New York (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing), and I’ve found that guys are less emboldened to make moves (unless you count the one time I was picked up by a guy I met on the subway). In Italy, at least for an American dating an Italian, the conversation topics generally revolve around cultural differences – and often the same stereotypes that get repeated over and over until they become a boring, hackneyed cliche.

I suppose the negative to this is that you generally know in Italy if a guy is interested or not, whereas in New York, it can sometimes feel like a guessing game (because remember, #options). At first I found these conversations to be interesting, but later on I more often than not found myself bored saying the same things over and over again.

We’re all on our own journey…and considering my first kiss was in a medieval bed and breakfast with an older, handsome Italian in Italy, I’m pretty sure I had every girl’s fairy tale first kiss, so it was worth the wait 😉 In any event, given that I got a later start than many, my only real experiences with dating are in Italy…and in New York.

In fact, you could say that culturally, I “learned” to date in Italy, with Italian cultural norms, and had exclusively dated Italians until just a couple of years ago.

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