Dating lazy men

Instead, for many women, it seems like men their age (and older) are just looking to have fun.

This is why a number of women are frustrated by the perceived lack of men they have to choose from when they are ready to settle down.

No, all men want for their efforts when they’re young is a woman.

If you disagree, you need travel no further than your local 18 – 21 club and bask in the vigor those young men will demonstrate in their pursuit of everything that resembles a woman. Using myself as an example, my college-aged friends and I literally referred to this period as, “chasing” or “putting in work.” Editor’s Note: If you’re like the psychologist from the beginning of Baby Boy whose narrative explored the unspoken meaning of words behind black men referring to their home as “the crib” and their friends as “boys,” you might take a moment to reflect on the meaning behind the various slang terms men use to opine on their feelings toward any given number of actions.

We can all have a good time and it doesn’t have to go anywhere (see the VIP lounge).

But, as men, we had to find other measures of what defined a good time besides meeting large quantities of strange women with no future beyond 24-hours.

I’ve written before about Modern Men Being Too Lazy to Court due in part to advancements in technology, like the computer, cell phone, and the evil cesspit of modernization known as “Facebook”.

However, I never touched on how modern men became a very lazy man in the first place.

Now that they were in a better place, their expectations of what they should be expected to do to meet women changed as well.It depends on the same environment where you have a corresponding – and likely much higher – the number of men doing all in their power to invest the least amount of effort possible in pursuing these women. To avoid confusion here, let me state unequivocally that I believe modern men are lazier than past generations of men.From my non-scientific observations, most men are lazier in both their courting activities and their general willingness to court at all.Some nights we were content simply heading out and having a good time.If we got 10 numbers or 0 numbers it really didn’t matter. It wasn’t that we weren’t interested in meeting women. Meeting a woman or group of women was cool, but it wasn’t the only determining factor for whether we had a “good night,” especially when experience had taught us that the majority of women we meet will not result in something particularly meaningful – and that was ok.

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Technology has merely exposed what many women have been lamenting for years: A lazy man in their pursuit of a woman and generally take the easiest route possible to do so.

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