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He blames others for bad decisions he made, and he’s perfectly willing to slather a stranger with that vitriol.

If any of us has been around long enough, we’ve been wronged by someone. Bottom line, we chose that person, good bad or indifferent. We all fail in one way or another in our intimate connections; that’s how we grow.

That’s exactly why relationships are such hard work. The exquisite opportunity to evolve into a better person is right in front of us.

My current relationship forces me to reassess the lofty notions I have about myself. But it’s not going to work unless I work with the material I’m handed, and am grateful for it.

So, he spent a lifetime of blaming everyone else for what was at least half his doing.

Each one of those relationships mirrored something to my brother that he most vehemently did not wish to see, did not wish to work with in order to be a better man.

“All due respect, you have every right to your feelings about what’s going on in your life, but I’m neither interested in that kind of language, nor do I want to hear your anger about someone you chose to be with.

While Zoosk is no different from any other site in that it has its share of scammers and manufactured profiles, unlike Fitness Singles it has a great many more folks participating. For those of us in middle age or trending towards a bit older (I was 64 at the time), this process can be daunting.

Peter exuded that hangdog, sweet puppy charm that sucked savior-women in like a bee to a flower.

They wanted to save someone who wasn’t salvageable.

Starting all over again means that we’ve effectively cleaned house and there’s room for something/someone new.

There isn’t some “perfect person” out there, some “soul mate” with whom everything will be blissful and easy.

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One NFL playoff weekend I’d gotten into an email conversation with someone in his late forties (my favorite age range) and he’d asked me to join him for a concert.

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