Dating recovering addict advice

Instead of going to a club or bar, you may need to see a movie, go on a picnic, or entertain like-minded friends at home.

People in recovery all have certain sights, sounds, and situations that can trigger the urge to drink or use drugs.

To be a supportive partner, you need to have a solid understanding of substance abuse and recovery.

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Putting recovery first may also mean that you need to think about planning dates carefully.

The intensity of your partner’s cravings will likely diminish as time passes, but addiction is a chronic illness.

This means you’ll have to be mindful of the risk of relapse as long as you’re together.

When you love someone in recovery, you can often become so preoccupied with their needs that you forget to focus on caring for yourself.

For example, visiting a place that one used to go while intoxicated is a common trigger.

Talk to your partner about his or her cravings and what triggers the urge to use.

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Focus on getting to know each other as people before rushing into a physically intimate relationship If you’re thinking about a relationship with someone who is in the very early stages of recovery, however, it may be best to wait until he or she is more secure in sobriety.

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