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Kai finds Zan, and purposely gets captured to confront Uncle Six.

Meanwhile, CG meets up with a witness who tells her that a fire monster burned down a building that had Uncle Six's men in it.

Kai meets up with Jenny to ask her if he can work under her due to his food truck being ruined, to which Jenny agrees.

Jenny also reveals to Kai that she took a loan from Uncle Six to remodel the restaurant, which upsets him.

The woman wakes up and reveals that she is Ying Ying, the first Wu assassin.

Ying Ying shows Kai the statues of all the past Wu Assassins, meanwhile the meeting with the Scottish gang goes south and CG realizes that they will kill Lu Xin.

Kai looks at a photo of Alec Mc Cullough, recognizing him as a past version of Wu Assassin.

Tommy gets rid of the dead bodies, while Kai and Jenny devise a plan to kill Uncle Six.

Kai's plan fails as Uncle Six knows he is the Wu Assassin, and offers a truce to defeat Mc Cullough.

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