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Relief comes not so much from actually removing germs, but more from the perception that you successfully averted an unwanted outcome.Because many individuals with OCD experience a heightened sense of responsibility and a greater fear of potential regret or possible mistakes, they feel compelled to take excessive precautions in situations they perceive as risky.” or in the case of scrupulosity, “Do you think I’m going to hell? They often know the answer they want to get in advance of asking the question and have a difficult time tolerating uncertain or ambiguous answers.Upon obtaining an answer, conclusions are typically deferred in hopes of understanding the issue more thoroughly later.These guidelines often impose time limits on information search, restrict information sources, and constrain the number of times information can be reviewed.One of the most common reassurance seeking rituals involves compulsively searching for health-related information online.Alternatively, action may be stalled in hopes that better or more accurate information might emerge in the future.

They’re simply responsible behaviors.” Fortunately, not all information-seeking is compulsive. Louis Behavioral Medicine Institute (SLBMI), Alec Pollard discussed the differences between information-seeking and reassurance seeking.

For exposure and response prevention (ERP) to be most effective, reassurance seeking rituals must be discontinued entirely.

Developing appropriate response prevention guidelines that describe acceptable information search behaviors is necessary.

OCD demands that you seek more certainty and safety.

It tells you that you must do everything within your power to live responsibly and avoid risks.

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