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Newly-single, Keegan made a plan to initiate a conversation with five different women every day for three weeks and ask each for their phone number.

The experience led him to launch The Awakened Lifestyle, a dating- and social-consulting service, in 2007.

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Wygant’s business includes one-on-one coaching -- his fees range from 0 per hour up to ,000 for longer term projects -- as well as selling his books, ebooks and downloadable audio files.

"We can meet interesting people anywhere -- on a park bench or even the middle of a crosswalk, or a subway car or in line at the bank," he says. And then there's Los Angeles-based dating coach David Wygant, who advises clients to focus on four key techniques: Observing, reacting, speaking authoritatively and then listening.

Keegan -- who is single but actively dating -- says the majority of his New York City-based customers opt for his six-week program, which includes two-hour meetings two times a week. “I teach my clients how to be great conversationalists,” says Wygant, who has been a dating coach since 1997.

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