Dating the thera eruption

Actually Turks never colonized the island, so Santorini enjoyed a partial autonomy and a self–government.

In another village, called Palai Thera, some rests of the Hellenistic-Roman Thera are still visible.

Effects of the Santorini (Thera) eruption on manganese behavior in Holocene sediments of the eastern Mediterranean.

Neutron activation analysis of Mediterranean volcanic rocks – An analytical database for archaeological stratigraphy.

These islands surfaced after the well-known eruptions of 97 BC, 1570 AD, 1707 AD, 1866 AD and 1925 AD.

Excavations in the Akrotiri area have demonstrated that this island was the cradle of an advanced civilization, since 4000 years BC, destroyed by the explosion of the Volcano.

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