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However, among Christians, you still hear “courtship” and “dating” used interchangeably; indicating that many single people find the terms to mean the same thing.

Why would anyone use the term “courtship” when they are simply “dating”? Some Christians find the word “dating” to be a negative term due to their secular counterparts using the term excessively.

But it has everything to do with both parties pursuing each other on equal playing fields, with equal investment, and equal risk.

This happens from the door, not months down the road. You don’t waste time playing around, having casual sex, and doing extraordinary things for a person who you don’t see in your future. It’s doesn’t have various different versions that are left up to perception, translation or recreation. An example would look something like this: Step 1: Get to know the person on a personal and spiritual level consistently. Take her off the market Step 11: Seek marriage counseling Step 12: Make it official under God Dating has no real purpose.Courtship is what most people in the American culture aspire to do, but conform to dating because either they don’t know how to court, they realize dating is easier, or they have been socialized and conditioned to find their mate one way, not the other.Please stop using the word, “courtship” when you are actually speaking about dating.They are two very different words, with different meanings, and indicate two different places in the process towards marriage.In fact, with regards to “dating” I should not be too quick to say that this term necessarily included in the process towards marriage.

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There is a fundamental different between courtship and dating.

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