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“You have to pick two of the three, and usually only one, but maybe two.

Team too much.”While we’re sure she’s probably exaggerating a tad, we imagine that it is pretty difficult finding time for dating when you have a demanding career and a little one at home.

That’s right y’all, Media Take just confirmed that Eva Marcille is PREGNANT.

We’re told that both Michael and Eva are VERY happy about it, and are looking forward to starting a family together.

But think of all those not-so-tall guys that have a lot of muscle on them and can be strong as well.

Women tell me that there’s something sexy about standing next to a tall guy.

Between family meals and entertaining, I spend a lot of timein my kitchen, so this room gets priority attention for seasonal updates.In February 2016 she stars in a reality series called About the business., the “America’s Next Top Model” alumn, who is the proud mama of 1-year-old Marley Rae Mc Call, quickly shut down questions about dating with a child.“There is no dating, working and being a mom,” she told Hip Hollywood.Well now Eva got herself some insurance – in the form of a BABY.He has said in the past that he's really not interested in dating a celebrity and would like a "girl next door" type.They were others that were apparently part of the group that someone was offering for sale.

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