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The kind of alleged violence and the nature of the relationship between the parties determine which law (or laws) an incident may violate.

California’s most common domestic violence laws include: The laws – and society – severely punish domestic violence crimes because the victim is considered to be uniquely vulnerable by virtue of the relationship.

Minor acts like hair pulling or scratching the skin can trigger a domestic battery charge.

Because of the close relationships involved, victims of domestic violence or abuse are given special protections under California’s domestic violence laws.Violent abuse is often thought to be worse than emotional or verbal abuse by some.No type of abuse should be discounted or thought to be less harmful.Besides jail time and a criminal record, a conviction can also affect your reputation with friends and colleagues, your job, your finances or housing, child custody, possibly your professional licensing, and your right to own a firearm.The victim of the alleged violence does not have to formally press charges for you to be arrested and charged.

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