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Unfortunately, I can’t find the article (“Correlation of C-14 age with real time”) online. He cites the correct (Cambridge) half-life of C14 but then for his musk ox calculation seems to work straight from Libby half-life C14 dates.

If anyone could direct me to it I’d be very grateful... Also, here is the article “Correlation of C-14 age with real time”, page 45 of this quarterly. Possibly he doesn't know there's a difference?

Setterfield: I believe that it is possible to determine the initial ratios of the parent elements in the various chains.

Dendrochronology can be traced to the Holocene/Pleistocene boundary, twice as far as the YEC’s age for the planet. Creationists try to explain these problems by assuming, for instance, massive double ring growth for dendrochronology (ignoring the fact that double ring growth is actually less common than ring in the oaks used for the Central European chronology, but never mind) or that C14 is somehow massively affected by the flood (again, ignoring the fact that even raw C-14 data still tags up pretty well – about 10% IIRC – with calibration curves).

Setterfield: Atomic decay rates do not depend on the speed of light.

Both are, however, 'children' of the same parent -- the Zero Point Energy.

As far as stars are concerned, the Th/Nd ratio has been shown to be unchanged no matter what the age of the star is, which leads one to two conclusions.

Firstly, supernovae have not added a significant amount of new elements to putative star-forming clouds.

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As a result I was using some of my texts to examine the decay of Americium 241 and noted the naturally occurring decay chains for U235, U238 and Th232, as well as the fully decayed chain for Pu241.

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