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Suzanne Ost has received funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council for an earlier project, The Impact of the Criminal Process on Health Care Ethics and Practice: It’s not unusual to hear of doctors being struck off for making sexual advances to their patients, but it’s not that often you hear about patients making sexual advances to their doctor – yet it does happen.And when it does, patients need to take some moral responsibility for their actions.He also arranged for a Doctor Who sketch to air on Jim'll Fix It.

As the new boss he cast Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester Mc Coy as the doctor. A patient who initiates sexual contact may not feel that the trust he or she places in a doctor has been breached if the doctor consents to the advance.But the doctor still breaches the trust that the public places in the medical profession to maintain purely professional relationships with patients."I was a bit taken aback, I was only 17 and at the time he famously said to me, 'You're so f****** provincial'.And of course I was f****** provincial, I of course I was f came from Bishop's Stortford, I didn't know anything about anything.

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